fabledquill fragte: Hello! Once you get this, you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to your ten of your favorite followers! :D

(Thanks, Hannah. I miss you.)

I misread the “nice things,” so here are five random facts about my childhood. 

1. I’ve been singing since I can remember. My first public solo was from the Touched by an Angel soundtrack; my last was Händel. I’ve certainly grown.

2. A great majority of my childhood and school years were defined by sports, which is a fact that people who meet me now find hard to believe. At some point in my life, I have competitively participated in athletics (400m, 4x4 relay, discus), baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and American football. (I vehemently hated football and was constantly yelled at for not being aggressive enough.)

3. I was a rather conservative child and, ruefully, my seven-year-old self “supported” Bush. Also, profanity made me uncomfortable and I would scold my parents if they cursed; all their friends thought I was going to be a minister. 

4. I didn’t start wearing jeans until the end of 6th grade. 

5. I used to collect the birthday plates, napkins, and cups from my friends’ birthday parties.


A very unfulfilling day.